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Welcome to the Freedom Family Connection Centre

Thank You for Your Patience as We GROW as a Family!

Welcome to the Freedom Family, and also our BRAND NEW Connection Center!

This is our BRAND NEW tool, made possible by loving, giving family members like you!

We are currently working on our automations and so in lieu of an automatic email for now, you will receive contact from our email so be sure to look for it!

Please fill out this form and briefly explain your profession that we may support you in, your freedom needs if you have any, or where you might be able to help in the service of others in the family. (and THANK YOU!)

We ask your neighbourhood (or city not in Calgary) in order to grow to where we will be able to connect one another in close geographical areas to become a stronger, happier, safer family.

Thank You All For Standing Up Together For Freedom! 
Unity In Community
Come and join together as a freedom family, regardless of differences, at a time where it seems that division is the name of the game.

REMEMBER The Freedom Family FOOD DRIVE!!

Don't forget that every Walk For Freedom has our Freedom Family Food Drive so bring your donation item to feed a family in need! 

Come to our NEXT Walk For Freedom Rally!

Join us at the next Walk For Freedom SUPER RALLY on April 3rd! 
Go to our Facebook page and Instagram page below for updates.

Check out some of our previous Walk For Freedom Rally's!

RC The Rapper Performance On Feb 27th 

Check out RC's newest music and video shot at our own Walk For Freedom!!

Walk For Freedom Family Photo Album 

Tell Your Story

We at the Walk For Freedom are here to give YOU a voice.
Submit to share your Freedom related story LIVE on stage at a Walk For Freedom Rally.
Be anonymous to protect your livelihood and identity...Or share your full story and name to be supported in your needs by our community!

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